The book, Ode to Miss Lou from the soul of Dr Sue - Susan Lycett Davis

Ode to Miss Lou... From the Soul Of Dr SueThis book is a compilation of 50 poems documenting significant moments throughout the years, culminating in her 50th birthday jubilee and Jamaica's 50th independence. "Fifty years is noteworthy as in biblical terms it represents a time of celebration, a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings."

The poems in this book were assembled to provide a resource conveying material that can be utilized for: bedtime reading; social occasions, school and church recitals; as well as for 'leading' discussion topics. To that end, this book does not have to be read cover-to-cover to be effective. There are three themed sections for easy access: "Ode to Miss Lou," – written in the vernacular; "My Soul," – introspective, and; "Let's Talk," – provocative.

Those of us who have been influenced directly by the Hon. Miss Lou as well as all Jamaicans owe her our gratitude. She opened our ears and our eyes to what is truly and uniquely Jamaican. So Dr. Sue, we welcome this new book and companion CD that so radiantly capture the spirit and essence of Miss Lou.

Rev. Easton Lee
Author, Dramatist, JAMAICA


Susan Lycett Davis "Dr Sue"
Educator, Entertainer, Poet, Writer.

Susan Lycett DavisIn the 1980s and early 1990s Susan Lycett worked as a Professional Actress and an esteemed Arts Administrator. As a then member of the British Actor’s Equity, she worked and toured extensively in the UK.

In the mid 1990s’ she took a creative break and decided to pursue further and higher education. Several degrees later, Dr. Susan Lycett Davis is now ready again to educate, entertain and elevate the rich heritage of which she is so proud.

Her personal catch phrase is “British by birth, Jamaican by choice and American by naturalization”. Known as Dr. Sue, in the entertainment circle, her extensive and diverse work and life experiences makes her material and delivery rich, humorous and educational.

In 2010 she launched her first CD of poetry called “Ode to Miss Lou” a compilation of performance pieces that span Jamaica, USA and UK.

Dr. Sue performs internationally and among other roles, aptly depicts that of Jamaica’s “Miss Lou” or “Auntie Roachie”. She has been a panelist for the past four years at the annual Louise Bennett-Coverly Reading Festival. She is a sought after Keynote Speaker and event MC.

Dr. Davis is a university professor, a devote Christian, active church member, and a woman who has found her purpose in life…to inspire, serve and educate!


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